Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time is our hugely popular music group for the under-fives and meets twice on Tuesdays at the Boys Brigade Hall, Combs Lane, Stowmarket: 9:15 am and 10:15 am.

Rhyme Time is our hugely popular music group for the under-fives and meets twice on Tuesdays at the Boys Brigade Hall, Combs Lane, Stowmarket: 9:15 am and 10:15 am.

Rhyme Time session lasts for about 45 minutes. We include well-loved nursery rhymes (like Baa, baa, black sheep) action, finger and movement songs. The favourite bit for some children is when we get out the drums, bells, shakers and other percussion instruments. It’s a bit of a din! But a very good way to get it all out of your system (especially for the mums!).

As well as being good fun it helps them to understand rhythm, discipline (when to stop and start) and recognition of the different instruments and their sounds. We sometimes use different sounds to illustrate what we are singing. For example, cymbals and drums for thunder and bells and rainmakers for “pitter patter raindrops” in the song I hear thunder.

Out of all the songs we sing, one of the universal favourites has to be Humpty Dumpty. To hear the shrieks as they ‘fall off the wall’ and the cries of “Again! Again!” always makes us smile. This, along with Row, row and Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop, gives the adults’ legs a good workout! (why go to the gym?) So, grown-ups, come prepared – Rhyme Time is easier to do in trousers!

Rhyme Time is open to the smallest baby right through to the boisterous toddler. Following the recent lockdowns, we have decided to make each more session age-specific as we realised that many of the younger ones & babies have not had the opportunity to mix socially so our younger session is quieter & more lock key to avoid overwhelming them.

Shy children are not forced to be extrovert – in fact, some children who are very quiet during sessions are said to enjoy acting out ‘rhyme time’ at home! We are a very informal group and understand that with very small children attention spans are short and sitting still for long is very hard! With that in mind, our sessions are fast-paced and very adaptable depending on the children who are there and the general mood of the group on the day!

We also realise that the pressures of life may mean you can’t get to rhyme time every week. That’s fine by us and not a problem. Please let us know by messaging on Facebook or calling 01449 774000.

After the singing we sing our goodbye song and get some toys out for a chance of free play and the adults can chat.

We have toys out for the children so they’ve something to do while mums/carers catch up. This is a great way to make new friends especially if you are new to the area and would find walking into a big toddler group for the first time a bit daunting. We are operating Rhyme time in a covid secure way with track & trace, temperature checks, regular cleaning and disinfecting, designated props or instruments for each family and fresh toys for each session.

We like to keep the groups a manageable size, so we do have limits on numbers. Places are free, so to book yours call the New Life Church office on 01449 774000.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few of the things that have been said about our group.
“..saved my life.”
“It keeps me sane”
“It’s the highlight of my week!”

We’ll see you soon!

Rhyme Time
Rhyme Time
Rhyme Time

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If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch, we’d love to help you out.

    New Life Care
    Community Action

    We believe in showing God’s love to the community around us in practical ways. That’s where our community action team, New Life Care, comes in.

    Contact us for more information

    For more information on New Life Care, contact the Church Office on 01449 774000 or use the form below.

      New Life Care was set up twelve years ago to enable us to demonstrate the love of God to our community in a practical way, to meet needs and have a positive influence on people’s lives.

      At the moment the care team are serving over 100 families in the area. From the beginning of April through to the end of October we are out and about in the fresh air, mowing, strimming, trimming and tidying gardens. We serve people in their gardens on a regular basis and visit every two weeks. In the Autumn, when the grass-cutting season comes to a close, we concentrate on hedge trimming. During the winter months we swap garden tools for paint brushes and rollers as we provide help in the form of decorating.

      Dave, our team leader, is helped by a team of volunteers. We bring our own tools and equipment, and we even take the rubbish away! At the moment we are serving mainly older people but we do assess each job individually, so if you are unable to get the grass cut yourself or there’s some painting that you are unable to do and you need a little help, please get in touch.

      We do not charge for our service but people are free to make donations. The money helps us to support children in Rwanda. We have a children’s home in Kayonza, Rwanda and the generosity of our customers helps us to make a difference in the children’s lives.

      New Life Care is all about serving our community, but it is not just about doing jobs for people; it is also about building relationships. We are here to be friends of the community, people you can trust. If all you want is for someone to come and visit for a chat, we have teams who will do this too.

      Community Action

      New Life Children's Home

      The New Life Children’s Home is an orphanage home run by Africa New Life Ministries and supported by New Life Church.

      It was begun in 2002 in response to the various needs and challenges that the orphans and vulnerable children face in the eastern province of Rwanda, to provide a secure home environment and an affordable education.

      New Life Children’s home is a beautiful home that houses 13 girls and 9 boys in a healthy environment at the campus of Africa New Life Ministries, Kayonza, in the eastern province of Rwanda. The home has four spacious bedrooms, two toilets and two bathrooms, and has a beautiful lounge where the children can relax and play some indoor games, watch Christian movies, have time to read and do their homework under the supervision of the Home Mother. In the living room, prayer fellowships are conducted. These are times much valued by the children because they take time to pray for the New Life family and their other sponsors. This environment has led the children to grow spiritually and get to serve God in different aspects of life.

      The home and orphans are taken care of by an experienced Home Mother called Rebecca Kibalama. She has been in this home since it was opened. She is very attached to the children and has special love for them.

      The kids go to the only Christian school in the area, New Life Christian Academy, where they are taught with a Christian perspective in class. The Academy recently excelled in its National Exams, where 90% of the pupils excelled including one of the first seven children to come to the home, Madalina Mukantwari. The school is located on a beautiful plain.

      The children have many stories to tell about where they used to be and how much your support, ministry and care has done for them.

      The New Life Home has been an answered prayer for many orphans and vulnerable children. The children are studying steadily, and healing and reconciliation is taking place within them. Surely the hope for them is for a bright future.

      For all the help, concern, care and great love that you have extended for this cause we appreciate and love you. God bless you as you continuously participate in the rebuilding of the future leaders of tomorrow and the Rwandan Society.

      Jean Claude Habiyarenye's story

      Jean Claude Habiyarenye is 16 years old, in grade six, and he lives in New Life Children’s Home. He is an orphan who had lived with an uncle who later mistreated him. As a result of this situation, he resorted to the streets, which he claims was far better than his uncle’s home because he would at least be assured of a meal. It was when he was on the streets that New Life staff talked him and convinced him to come to the home, and assured him of shelter, education, food, clothing, beddings, etc.

      After he joined the New Life Home, he said, “I am very happy to have a home. I don’t ever want to remember my life on the street. While here, I came to know Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord, my relationship with Him has brought me a lot of joy and peace.”

      Tina Gladys's story

      “My name is Tina Gladys. I am 13 years old and I have been living in New Life home since 2002. I never got an opportunity to know my father; I do not know what happened to him. My mother died in 2001 of breast cancer. I went to stay with old friends of my mother whom I call Grandmother and Grandfather.”

      Tina lived in hard circumstances. She hardly had clothes to wear, food to eat, studied irregularly because of much work allotted to her and lack of education. Says Rebecca, the Home Mother, “It wasn’t easy for little Tina before she came to the home. She had to sleep on rotting mats every night, her only blanket being a piece of old cloth/rag.”

      Now Tina says, “I feel very happy and proud, I attend classes every day, get all meals, I have enough clothing, shoes, very comfortable beddings. I also know Jesus as my personal saviour. I am also in the music group at the church.”